Re: [CR]Campy questions parts #50 and #52

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Date: Fri, 07 Feb 2003 22:30:35 -0500
From: Mara & Steven Maasland <>
Subject: Re: [CR]Campy questions parts #50 and #52
To: Classic Rendezvous <>

Aldo wrote:
> Two more questions from the Emilio Bozzi catalog, page 30;
> 1. What is the purpose of Campagnolo part #50 "Fermo - ruota"
> (wheel lock),
> and how is it attached?
> 2. Where and how do you attach part #52 "Guida per il facile
> innesto ruota
> del telaio" (Guide for easing attachment of wheel to frame)?
> I've never seen these two items listed anywhere else.

I don't know about the fermo ruota, but I have seen a few bikes with the 'guida per il facile innesto ruota del telaio'. It is screwed into the bridge between the chainstays just behind the bottom bracket. It is set up in such a way that the inflated tire automatically must be centred to be able to engage the drop-out teeth correctly. You adjust the location with the wingnut so that when the tire bottoms out in the crook of the device, it will only permit you to line up with one specific set of teeth. A bit of overkill in my opinion, as by all rights, all frames built with the Campagnolo drop-outs with teeth should have been built with the Campagnolo jig as seen on page 331 (figure M). The jig's use should prevent the mis-insertion of the wheel except for the most horribly mis-dished wheel. I think these are all items that show how far ahead of his time Tullio was. He was already making things dummy-proof back then, before the advent of liability lawsuits.

Steven Maasland
Moorestown, NJ