RE:[CR]classic rare gem slipped by on Ebay--free listing days

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Subject: RE:[CR]classic rare gem slipped by on Ebay--free listing days
Date: Sat, 8 Feb 2003 16:45:10 -0500
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Ebay usually does about two free listing days a year, one shortly after christmas, and the other usually around their anniversary I think july? The one a couple days ago was a new kind, just fixed price listings were free. They send an email usually the day before the free listing day, I think you have to have your preferences set to recieve their promotional emails. Not too bad, they usually only send out 1-2 a month.

The LeMans wasn't a fixed price listing, so the listing fee would have been whatever the maximum is, I dont sell expensive stuff, but I think it's about $3-4. There were lots of things put up with buy it now, but as auctions rather than fixed price. I wonder if there was some confusion? Anyway it creates a huge windfall for Ebay, as they still get the final value fees, and fees for extras like bold and those little gift logos.

Steve Birmingham Lowell, Ma


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Wayne asked:
> Hi, am I missing something here, it looked like the piece of junk
> he said
> it was, looks like a el cheapo I could get here for 50 bucks, is
> the
> seller on good drugs?, or am I on bad ones

A few days ago, somebody mentioned that Ebay has free listing days. This is news to me, but when you see auctions like the one questioned by Wayne, it does seem to be plausible. Can somebody give any additional information about these special listing days? Does one need to have a very high seller rating or other to receive this option? Otherwise, to list a bike like the Centurion LeMans, even as a joke, would still have a cost close to the value of the bike.

Steven Maasland Moorestown, NJ