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Date: Sun, 09 Feb 2003 21:08:27 -0600
From: Henry Turner <>
Subject: Re: [CR]OT: Asian production of modern famous makes....

At 09:16 PM 2/9/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>i think you're more upset by this than your hypothetical
>consumers, joe and sam.
>who got ripped off?!
>neither got ripped off. they each bought what they set
>out to purchase. presumably, they are happy *^%@!
>campers. furthermore, each vendor profited from the
>sale, based on the prices they and/or the marketplace
>set for their wares.
>your hypothetical is skewed. you say, "It does matter
>where the work is done."
>the issue here is marketing and brand perception. if both
>bicycles are from the same factory (says you), i don't
>see the relevence to the initial thread. and lastly, why make

I believe the initial thread was:

Angel wrote: > I was talking to someone recently that had been over to Taiwan (I > think that's where) for some bike business and the person cited a > long list of bike manufacturer names that were on bikes coming off > the same assembly; I don't remember the names but I do remember > being really surprised as the list included some respected, > including European, names.

Is the word "misrepresentation" too harsh? Perhaps. It is a consumer problem . I would expect an Italian brand bike to be made in Italy. Am I expecting too much here? I have yet to see in an advertisement for any of the big names with a footnote saying "frame made in Taiwan bike assembled in Milano", for example. My point is know what you are buying. One does not buy Rolex just because it is a good time keeper. If that were the case Casio would do.

Henry Turner Corpus Christi, TX

>this a consumer issue by saying one buyer got ripped off.
>why no take the vendor's side and say that the one selling
>'low' got ripped off because he didn't read the market?
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>On Sun, 09 Feb 2003 19:34:03 -0600 Henry Turner <>
> > It does matter where the work is done.
> > For the sake of our discussion, we have two bike manufactures.
> >
> > A) is "Fignon" a well marketed, clean smooth lines, etc. etc.
> > Their founder
> > won the Tour de Cremora in 1976. Their basic frame set is
> > $1700.00
> >
> > B) is "Minnow" little known company, not well marketed. The
> > owner
> > has bee in rehab four times. Their basic frame is $400.00.
> >
> > Both companies do not make their own frames. The are made in the
> > Chang Moo Quack factory in Taiwan, which produces thousands of
> > frames
> > a month
> >
> > Joe Smith buys a "Fignon" frame, a Chorus grouppo, and has a fine
> > time
> > of biking.
> >
> > Sam Smith buys a "minnow" frame, a Chorus grouppo and has a fine
> > time
> > of biking.
> >
> > Who got ripped off?
> >
> > Whether well produced or not, Joe Smith paid $1300 dollars more
> > for
> > a frame that he could have gotten for much less. Build quality
> > aside.
> >
> >
> > Henry Turner
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> >
> >
> > At 07:26 PM 2/9/2003 -0500, you wrote:
> >
> > >they never <were> handcrated by "Luigi" in his small workshop.
> > >that is an illusion that was born in the 70s U.S. bike boom.
> > >also, why does it matter where the work is done as long as
> > >it's produced well? it's a win-win situation. you can
> > >subcontract in the next county or across the pond. you're still
> > >doing the same thing: spec-ing a product and finding an efficient
> > >method of manufacturing.
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