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That's been one of the pieces of my literary collection that I've still got as well. It was my record of my first really cool bike vision. In '67 I rode my UO-8 down Falls Road in Baltimore to a barber shop owned by a Hungarian guy named Zoltan Strasser who sold Gitanes out of the back of his shop. I was 14. There in front was a Bob Jackson very small framed road bike, black with orange head tube, decals, outlined lugs and Von Dutch style pin striping all over it. It was the first time I'd ever seen a Campy equipped bike. The first bike I'd ever seen that seemed to have no chrome, but was cooler than chrome. God! I wanted one. That issue of Playboy had my dream bike in it! As I recall, a Jackson road and track bike, a Taylor Tandem with all the pin striping and a few others. Zoltan's bike shop a few years later was where I got my first job as a mechanic.

Dan, just bought it for the pic... ugh Articles, Artley Parkton, Maryland
>>> <ABikie@aol.com> 02/10/03 11:16PM >>> Chuckee, et. al. Sorry, if you cut off the list too soon, you'll miss some great period pieces. Here's a mag that I'll bring- inside there's a feature and foto spread featuring a 14lb Jackson, and three other superbikes, road and track.

Larry Black College Park, Md <A HREF="http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item'08970119&categoryI45">eBay item 2708970119 (Ends Feb-13-03 19:22:59 PST ) - Playboy Aug 71 - PB's First Pro F'ball Review</A>