[CR]Books and other items for Sale 12/2/03

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Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 13:55:28 +0000
Subject: [CR]Books and other items for Sale 12/2/03
From: "Hilary.stone" <Hilary.stone@tesco.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>

Latest list of books and parts for sale to CR members before they go to Ebay. I can take photos if necessary. All items are priced in $. Shipping will be extra charged at cost. Payment can be made in cash with dollars or by money order in Pounds sterling ($1.45 to 1 GBP). American Express Travellers cheques in $ are also fine. I can take PayPal but I have to charge 5% extra to cover what my bank charges me. Regards Hilary Stone, Bristol, England

First three special bargains for CR discussion group members...

EVEREST SERIE ORO (GOLD) NOS NIP 3/32in CHAINS ideal stiffer chain for older derailleurs where chain gap between top pulley and rear sprocket is large such Campag GS, NR, SR etc just $19 each

CAMPAGNOLO FRAME TRANSFER 1960s - a really lovely Campagnolo transfer I think intended for fitting to the top tube of Campagnolo equipped bikes in the 1960s or 1970s. $15 each or two for $25

CAMPAGNOLO PUMP HEAD NOS perfect $14 or with pump head cup bracket $20

For period cycling book fans... CYCLING by Reg Shaw in the Teach Yourself series and recommended on this group only a few weeks ago. Hardback 160 pages. 1st edition 1953, impression 1963 excellent condition, a great read and full of useful info $20 Also a 2nd edition 1971 paperback good/very good condition $14

And some other transfers... WOODRUP TRANSFER SET including head and seat tube down tube and large Woodrup for seat tube. Dark blue lettering with white outline $20

MAVIC WHITE RIM TRANSFERS - MAVIC in block letters $12 a pair

COLUMBUS FORK BLADE TRANSFERS - late70s, early 80s I think. I have managed to get three more sets, first come, first served at $12 a set

Now for some bargains which did not sell on Ebay last week...

ROYCE SEALED BEARING HUBS NOS NIB Gorgeous - practically perfect pair of NOS NIB 28/32H Royce hubs. These particular hubs date from the 1980s though are practically identical in design to the ones manufactured today. They feature Reynolds 531 axles and the very best in Japanese sealed cartridge bearings. These hubs would help to build the most wonderful pair of wheels for an 80s machine; they are 126mm over the rear locknuts. Royce are a small absolutely top notch British cycle components company that began in the early 1980s. The finish is absolutely exquisite! $90

SUNTOUR SUPERBE PEDALS NOS NIB- a practically perfect. These pedals feature wonderfully smooth catridge bearings which are almost perfectly sealed. These were apparently a development of an American design - see the discussion in the last day or so. The bearings are fabulous, the finish is really great and they are pretty and far more exclusive than Campag. $70

MODOLO PRO BLACK BRAKE LEVERS NOS - a practically perfect pair of NOS black anodised brake levers from the 1970s/80s. A great looking and performing lever with perfect black hoods. $40

MILREMO LARGE FLANGE HUBS NOS NIB - a practically perfect pair of NOS NIB Milremo 36H quick release large flange hubs made I think by Normandy. Perfect for that French restoration. $35

Now for the rest... WILLIAMS 60T 3pin, SLEEVE FITTING CHAINWHEEL NOS make a great wallpiece, or you have incredibly strong legs, or ambitious or both $30

WILLIAMS LC1200 DOUBLE CHAINSET 52/47T chainrings 6 3/4in cranks. Excellent chrome plating but a little not at all unsightly - you have took quite hard to spot it, damage on the edge of two of the ring arms from too enthusiastic and not very skilled cotterpin removal. However a truly lovely set with excellent only lightly worn chainwheels. Rare Dated ZF (1965). $85

MAFAC TANDEM DOUBLE CABLE BRAKE LEVER excellent/very good condition, a rare item $25

MODOLO PRO BRAKESET RED ANODISED Excellent condition apart from one lever has a little road rash and rough rubber hoods These were a great brake - in fact rather nicer than Campy NR or SR. $55 or with a new pair of Modolo gum hoods $70

CHATER LEA LAMP BRACKET for British style brazed-on lamp boss . Chrome a bit indifferent but could easily be rechromed $18

HEADCLIP - not marked with maker's name but a really good quality cast head clip NOS with perfect chrome $35 I can also supply the other races too if required.