Re: [CR]backassward brake mounting

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Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 07:13:16 -0800 (PST)
From: Derek Willburn <>
Subject: Re: [CR]backassward brake mounting
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In the book "Tour de France and its Heroes" by Graham Watson, there is a picture of Bernard Hinault doing a 1981 time trial with the front brake behind the fork crown. For aerodynamic reasons? He won the stage anyway.

Derek Willburn
Long Beach, CA

--- Otis wrote:

> <I'm sure Chuck is kidding here ... I've never seen

\r?\n> a brake mounted

\r?\n> to the rear of a fork crown, but I HAVE seen people

\r?\n> who mounted the

\r?\n> rear brake on the inside of the rear triangle.

\r?\n> Never have gotten

\r?\n> a plausible answer for that one ...


\r?\n> Any ideas?>


\r?\n> I have friend who's a frame builder who runs his

\r?\n> rear caliper on the inside

\r?\n> because he wants to show off the brake bridge he had

\r?\n> fabricated.


\r?\n> Otis Williams

\r?\n> Grants Pass OR.