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Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 08:33:24 -0400
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7 years ago, I was hanging out at the LBS when she marched in through the back door with both her best friend and Golden Retriever, off leash of course. She had a huge laugh to match her big presence, she was a soprano for the National Opera. She was looking for a saddle for her "mudsucker" (mtn bike) and made some irreverent joke about the cost of some ridiculous gel seat. She left her bike to have the bars swapped out as well.

She left and I told the mechanic that I loved her sense of humour and demeanor. Two days later he called me over to the shop and gave me the repair stub with her name and number on it. He told her that I would like to see her...I called her for coffee and that was it. Married within the year and we have two amazing children. I still have the stub.

Turns out she has ridden on a track toured from Montreal to Prince Edward Island and back and she's game to try most anything life puts in front of her. The mtn bike is gone. She's got a 40's CCM, a 50's Hercules, a 60's Raleigh and an 90's Lemond...oh well. I have swapped out the STI for Suntour barcons at least. I'll have her on a classic soon. And a tandem...and a...

Sometimes you get lucky.

Warren Young