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Subject: [CR]Re: [CRAgresti U2..was weenies?

Two questions:

What is the definition of "optimized" (I can well imagine) and, just curious, do the Tufo Elite tires need no tubes . I mean, they weighed the air and tire glue, you'd think the tubes might be a factor if these tires aren't tubeless? Maybe this bike is so light the tires don't need tubes?

And one more comment. I notice that, weight weenie, or whatever, 7 speed, it seems, is enough for this guy (always has been for me). ;-)

John Dunn in Boise

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> This sould be a laugh for most on this list:
> http://weightweenies.starbike.com/articles.asp?ID=21
> Classic content: look at those CLB brakes!
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