Re: [CR]Mystery Condor / Cinelli Time Trial Bike

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Date: Thu, 13 Mar 2003 22:36:26 +0000
Subject: Re: [CR]Mystery Condor / Cinelli Time Trial Bike
From: Hilary Stone <>
To: Brian <>, <>
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I would be happy that this is a Condor. Condor sponsored John Pritchard as well as his son. They were also one of the biggest suppliers of Shimano kit in the UK. The brake is a Dura-Ace AX made from about 1982-4. Condor have never I think actually built their own frames. Who built this frame is probably a mystery - Vic Edwards is one possibility, he built very fine frames under the Rondinella name at Romford. Another might be Tom Board but I think he and Monty Young had probably fallen out by 1982. It might well be worth giving the shop a ring with the frame number - their phone number is (0044) 207 269 6820. Grant or Monty Young might be able to help. The Cinelli markings are simply Cinelli framebuilding parts.

Hilary Stone, Bristol, England

. Brian Frank wrote:
> Is it a Condor or is it a Cinelli ?
> I have a bit a mystery bike and I was wonder if the collective IQ could shed
> some light and help. I recently acquired a Condor TT bike. The bike is circa
> early to mid 1980?s and I know that it was ridden by Welsh cyclist John
> Pritchard who represented Wales at 4 Commonwealth Games.
> The frame is Reynolds 531 (black label and most of the logo has been damaged)
> the tubes are internally butted, with the top tube being somewhat narrower
> than seat or down tubes. The forks are stamped with the Condor logo and
> wordmark. The rear brake ? another mystery part, which I have never seen
> before - is mounted under the bottom bracket is a center pull Dura Ace ? very
> similar in shape and function to the Campy Delta. The brake bridge that?s
> between the chain stays is stamped with the Cinelli logo. The wheelbase is
> short at 38.25? and the design of rear triangle has the seat stays connecting
> to the seat tube above the top tube. Overall the bike is very quick and
> extremely responsive. Truly a keeper.
> So I am curious if anyone knows anything about the Dura Ace ?delta? brake and
> anything at all about the frame. I have some photos if anyone wants to see
> them.