[CR]Frejus - Legnano Professional Record Super Corsa eBay closed

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From: "Raoul Delmare" <R.Delmare@Charter.net>
To: "C.R. List" <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 12:10:51 -0600
Subject: [CR]Frejus - Legnano Professional Record Super Corsa eBay closed

Dear Classic Rendezvous Mailing List ,

I write this with a little sadness in my heart .

After some 35,000 miles total , since August / September of 1972 , my best beloved bicycle is somewhat the worse for wear .

This was my chance to hang an exact reproduction of that bicycle , in absolutely excellent condition , on display in my home .

However , a friend sent this to me AFTER the auction had closed .

What I can tell you :

** The paint was still somewhat soft and not fully cured on mine , when I got it in late Summer 1972 . It had arrived at the U.S.A. port of entry , only a week or two before it arrived in my hands . So , when I got mine , it was factory fresh .

** Mine is exactly 60 cm , center to top .

** Mine , like this one , is a fully Legnano frame , with all of the unique Legnano frame features , Legnano fork crown , Legnano seat lug , Legnano style seat cluster / top eyes .

** Mine , like this one , has the remains of the Reynolds tubing decal on the top of , the front of , the top tube . Fully Reynolds 531 Double Butted Tubes Forks & Stays .

** Mine , like this one , has very finely double-tapered seat stays ( ? ) .

** Mine , like this one , is painted Legnano chartreuse . I understand why some would call this "pearlescent" paint . It's actually much better described as "flamboyant" paint . But , it's not quite exactly that either . And on a rainy afternoon , when the sun breaks through a hole in the clouds , I would swear , with absolute certainty , that the tubes are fluorescing , glowing with some strong internal light !

** Thanks Chuck Schmidt , for helping to set me straight on this being a Legnano color , not a Frejus color , prior to the two companies being merged together .

** Mine was originally equipped EXACTLY like this one , with the exceptions ; mine had AMAZING crimson red cloth handlebar tape ( I've never seen any cloth tape like it , it was very thin , gave no cushion , but gave a better grip than anything else , was it linen ? , not cotton ? ) , and mine had a black Regina freewheel ( 14 - 16 - 18 - 20 - 22 ) , and a black Regina chain .

** My original toe straps were just exactly that shade of red , and were faintly marked Alfredo Binda . I'm guessing that the ones on the eBay bicycle are original Bindas , with very little marking left .

** I always wondered what those fabulous handlebar end plugs were ! I saved them for years , and then they were inside a stolen tool box . Now , thanks to the C. R. List , I know that they were aluminum GASLO end plugs . So , when the seller mentions , "Plugs are cool though, with 'Gaslo' logo" , I know just what those are ! Each was very carefully made of two pieces of metal . Was the inner piece perhaps steel ?

** The bicycle was a product of Emilio Bozzi . The little clear sticker , with red lettering , on the seat tube , plainly says so .

** Mine , like this one , came with old-style , oval label , red label , Fiamme rims .

** Mine , like this one , came with Stella spokes . I'm fairly certain that they're stainless steel .

** Mine came with wonderful Pirelli sew-up tires . Handmade ? Was the name something like Speciallisimo Campionatto ? Please excuse my very poor attempt at Italiano .

I would have paid twice what the lucky saruta-hiko will pay .

I wish saruta-hiko much happiness . I hope that the bicycle is treated as art , and ridden only twice per year , on flawless mornings , when the early sunlight plays tricks with the glowing chartreuse color .

Raoul Delmare Marysville Kansas

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> Title of item: Classic Frejus Road Bike w/Campagnolo 70s
> Seller: info@neighborhoodbikeworks.org
> Starts: Mar-04-03 20:45:39 PST
> Ends: Mar-14-03 20:45:39 PST
> Price: Currently $650.00
> To bid on the item, go to:

> Item Description:
> Classic Frejus Road Bike w/Campagnolo 70s(?)
> A beautiful find!
> Frame Size
> Seat Tube, Center to top:59cm
> Top tube, Center to Center:58cm
> This bike is an amazing find if you like Italian racing bikes. Paint is pearlescent green. The pictures don't do it justice. This bike has two nice white panels-the head tube and the middle of the seat tube. Paint is in very good shape but not mint. There are some minor scratches which will buff out, and some chips that will not. Steel parts have surface rust that will mostly clean up. The most interesting feature of the frame is the seat cluster. The binder is in the crook of the joint instead of behind the seat tube. A Legnano aficionado who came in here the other day told me that this bike was made after Frejus and Legnano merged because of this feature, which is typical of Legnano. This person also said the bike was pre-1970 because it has Universal brakes, not Campy. The two things seem mutually exclusive to me-but that's the best research I can offer. Seat lug is long point, others are short. Campagnolo dropouts , nicely sculpted, which is not always the cas!
> e on even very-well-thought-of bikes from Italy. Fork crown is chromed. No dropout eyelets or water-bottle bosses. Decals are excellent for the most part, surprising since this is from before the days when we could expect a clear coat over the decals. There are lots. Reynolds 531 sticker is on the front of the top tube and is the only decal in poor shape. Sticker says "butted tubes forks and stays," though as a framebuilder I feel compelled to point out that this is never strictly speaking true - the stays on these bikes are taper gauge. Only quite recent tubesets (90s) have truly double-butted stays. Reynolds were pushing the envelope in product description rather more than they were in tubing technology! Brake and chainstay bridge have reinforcements, SS ones have points and cutouts. Campy cable guides on the BB shell
> We have set a reasonable reserve on this auction that we arrived at by surfing several web-sites to see what bikes like this are going for. If you are interested, a great source of information on classic lightweights is Sheldon Brown, to whom we must all bow down regarding bicycle knowledge, even if not to agree on everything.
> Components* Hubs:Campagnolo Nuovo Record
> * Rims: Fiamme - they have red labels, but I think they are from before the model called "red label"
> * Spokes: Double butted. Not stainless - I think they are chrome plated. They have a star logo on the spoke head. 36h 4X
> * Tires: Beat up sew ups that probably should not be used. FRONT IS NOT GLUED ON. I repeat, these are sew ups.
> * Headset: Campy
> * Fork: Cast, chromed crown as mentioned
> * Stem: TTT Record115mm
> * Bars:TTT 40cm Outside to outside
> * Bar tape: Faded purple cloth. Plugs are cool though, with "Gaslo" logo
> * Brakes: Universal Centerpulls, Mod 61. Quick release hangers. The one on the seat cluster is very unusual. Campag cable clips.
> * Brake Levers: Universal. Levers are in good shape, hoods are not.
> * Bottom Bracket: Campagnolo NR.
> * Crankset: Campagnolo NR
> * Pedals: Campagnolo NR Steel cages. Christophe clips are rusty. No name straps
> * Chain: is not rusty
> * Front Derailleur: Campagnolo NR
> * Rear Derailleur: Campagnolo NR
> * Shifters: Campagnolo NR , bolt-on, natch* Freewheel: Cyclo 5-speed, close ratio
> * Seat: Brooks professional in excellent condition, though it is rock hard
> * Seat Post: Campagnolo NR
> * Accessories: Silca pump with Campy head is painted to match. This is a goosebump item though it is somewhat faded near the bottom. Campy pump bracket.
> We can send extra photographs on request. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. We are of the opinion that thorough and honest descriptions will be best for our business, but please remember that all items are sold as is, so please examine description and pictures. Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions if there is something you are not sure of or may be assuming about the item. . Youth Bicycle Education in Philadelphia!
> The Neighborhood Bike Works is a nonprofit educational organization in West Philadelphia that seeks to increase opportunities for urban youth through bicycling. Your bid helps support this program. Contact us at info@neighborhoodbikeworks.org, and check out our eBay "About Me" Page.