[CR]frame maker, "Spare that dropout"

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Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 16:14:20 -0800
From: Dennis Young <mail@woodworkingboy.com>
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Subject: [CR]frame maker, "Spare that dropout"

Perhaps apples vs oranges here. There are refinements, and there is...uh....old world charm?

Dennis Young Hotaka, Japan

>> With all due respect, I must object. I think it's commonly known that
>> European bikes of the 50's, 60's, and probably '70's and even later,
>> tended
>> to have finish qualities that were sometimes crude.
> Of the hundreds of track bikes I've seen only few have totally
> unfinished dropouts as these ones are. It would take less than 10
> minutes to finish the dropouts both front and rear, is this too much to
> ask? Plus most of the British, French, and Italian builders that I've
> ever seen would say this dropout treatment (or non-treatment as the
> case might be) looks cobbly. If you think it was common for dropouts
> to be unfinished like this please provide some pictures or links to
> pictures.
>> My first Colnago was pinned and cold-set.
> I said nothing about the lugs, alignment, or building technique in
> specific. I talked about the dropouts alone and that would make me
> question the rest of the build.
>> Additionally, I don't think we have any idea where this particular
>> bike might
>> have fit into the builder's price scale, or maybe it was an overnight
>> rush
>> job for a special event.
> So if what you say is true here than I'm 100% correct in my
> observation, right? I said it looks like the bike was rushed, you say
> the bike could have been rushed. Even Chuck who brought the bike to
> the list's attention sees something a bit off about the dropouts.
>> I found the comments uncalled-for.
> Why is it that we can be critical of other bikes presented on Ebay like
> Ken Denny's last week, but my comments are "uncalled-for." This is
> something done quite regularly on the list so please explain your
> objection in this case further? Are you the seller or have something
> to gain from from the auction?
> thanks,