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Date: Sat, 15 Mar 2003 22:58:29 -0500

I went up to ride the track in Montreal a few times, and I agree, it was a real rush. The first time, I rented a bike there for only $4 Canadian. The other times I took my '73 Raleigh Pro Track up and had a total gas. Those banks were steep, and going aroud it was incredible. I recall one time when I had to slow right down because of another rider on the track, and the bike went out from under me on the bank. It was like falling off a cliff. Only real track bikes were allowed, brakes and even levers had to be removed. The bikes they rented were real low-end machines, but they were still real track bikes.

Steve Barner, really miss that velodrome, Bolton, Vermont

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> My wife & I were in Montreal the summer of 1978, I think. We took the subway
> out to see the Olympic park & the Velodrome. The place was completely
> deserted but we walked right in. This was my first visit to a velodrome & we
> were both just flabbergasted! It combined two of my main interests in life,
> cycling & Architecture. It was just so beautiful. The banking looked really
> steep to my eyes & we both wondered how nuts it must be to ride on that
> thing.
> Now, almost 30 years later I hope to give track riding a try at the new Mike
> Walden Velodrome, in Rochester Hills, Michigan, just a little more than an
> hours drive from my home here in Toledo, Ohio. Am I nuts? Yes!
> Richard Rose (Toledo, Ohio)
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