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Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 07:56:12 -0500
From: "Joe Bender-Zanoni" <>
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I've never seen one like that. Fuji had a totally different domestic line of bikes. The better bikes in Japan were branded Fuji "Feather". As you can see from the name badge this is a Feather. I used to leaf through the Japanese catalog but that memory is long faded. It looks like a training type bike. Its hard to date because the frame gives me no idea and the parts were made over quite a period. Strange stem. In the US Fuji had a tradition of selling a mid-level training bike and a top model. They never sold well but now they do well with their track bikes now

Joe B-Z

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From: Dennis Young
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Subject: [CR]Fuji Pista

> Lugless Fuji pista at the Japanese auction. Has anyone seen these before,
> and have a idea of age? Photos at the bottom of the page. Thanks.
> Dennis Young
> Hotaka, Japan