Re: [CR] Now Montreal 76 'drome and left hand drive

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Date: Sun, 16 Mar 2003 11:20:36 -0500
From: Martin Needleman <>
Subject: Re: [CR] Now Montreal 76 'drome and left hand drive
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Yes! This is exactly the reason that Pino Morroni was an impassioned advocate of left hand drive for track bikes and produced a number of such bikes fitted with his hand made reverse threaded left hand drive wheels. His rationale was that since all track races in the world are run counter clockwise, left hand drive allows the right crank to be closer to the frame thus giving additional track clearance.

Once again, years ahead of his time!

Martin Needleman Annapolis, Maryland

David Bilenkey wrote:
> That reminds me about one point. Not only did it have to be a track machine,
> but it also HAD to have cranks no longer than 165mm. My Atala has/had an old
> 151 BCD 170mm set and I had to buy a pair of 165mm cranks to use the machine
> on that track. I bought a pair of Tevano's (that I still have actually).
> And even with the shorter cranks I recall striking my right pedal once when
> I was slowed right down to talk to another rider coming up below and behind
> me. I hit the pedal and it popped the back wheel off the surface of the
> track. I then slid down the banking (fortunately NOT scraping splinters up
> with my pedal to embed in my leg) sort of half on my wheels, until I hit the
> apron, touched the back wheel of the guy who I'd been waiting to chat with,
> and went over on my left side. Amazingly I suffered not much more than a
> bruised ego. And a new found respect/understanding of centripetal forces!
> :-P
> David Bilenkey
> Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
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> > I went up to ride the track in Montreal a few times, and I agree, it was a
> > real rush. The first time, I rented a bike there for only $4
> > Canadian. The
> > other times I took my '73 Raleigh Pro Track up and had a total gas. Those
> > banks were steep, and going aroud it was incredible. I recall
> > one time when
> > I had to slow right down because of another rider on the track,
> > and the bike
> > went out from under me on the bank. It was like falling off a
> > cliff. Only
> > real track bikes were allowed, brakes and even levers had to be
> > removed. The
> > bikes they rented were real low-end machines, but they were still
> > real track
> > bikes.
> >
> > Steve Barner, really miss that velodrome, Bolton, Vermont