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There was a "group" of Japanese manufacturers, which I think was officially a trade association which competed with another dominated by Shimano. In the 80's, I believe the SunTour Superbe gruppos probably were not actually entirely made by SunTour. Probably the brakes were made by DiaCompe, the cranks by Sugino, and perhaps the hubs by Sanshin, but all makked SunTour. Or at least these "SunTour Superbe" components certainly looked a lot like those sold by SunTour's allies.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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Subject: [CR]Fuji & SunTour & Shimano

Help me out on this .

There was some sort of , coalition , consortium , agreed cooperation , between Sugino , SunTour , and a couple of other companies . Did that group of companies use any particular name for their co-op ? Who else was in that little network ?

I am remembering the bicycle , The Ace , from Fuji . It was the first time Fuji had moved away from SunTour & friends , and gone to Shimano for components . It was a big change for Fuji .

Raoul Delmare
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