[CR]Bits and pieces for sale

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From: Toni.Theilmeier@t-online.de (toni theilmeier)
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: 02 Mar 2003 15:19 GMT
Subject: [CR]Bits and pieces for sale

Hi, I, too, have been spring cleaning, and found some parts which might be of interest to members. I am open for swaps, actually prefer them. Should I be far out with the prices I mention, please correct me in public. I have nothing to hide, and even less experience in selling stuff on the list, and I do not want to create any wrong inpressions.

Prices mostly are in Euro and exclusive of postage, which is dear. You will see what postage is on the parcel, and just add the amount to what you will then send me, unless there is a swap deal. If you want to send dollars, please add ten per cent for banking charges. I still do not use eBay, PayPal or suchlike weirdo things, so cash in a registered letter it will have to be. Here we go:

Pair of pedals, Suntour, gunmetal grey, for but without toeclips, NOS, very slightly shopworn, 20 Euros.

Suntour Vx rear mech, short reach, cage un-scripted, used, but no road rash, original rollers, 15 Euros.

Handlebar extension, 3ttt, pantographed Chesini, 120 mils, scratched, 15 Euros.

Front mech ShimaNo 105, little use, old bow-and-arrow logo, part # FD-A105, chromed bits slightly rusty, 5 Euros.

Chainset SR Royal, again little use, original rings, unbelievably dirty, no dust caps, but sound and will polish well. Came off a Claud Butler, still only 50 Euros.

Italian pre-war 27 inch wood sprint rims, D´Alessandro Milano, new in wrapper, drilled 32 / 40, slight shop wear. I´m not too hard pressed at the moment, and I´ve only got one spare pair, so I will part with them only if someone forks out serious money. That plus the fact that they are outsize as far as the Postmaster is concerned will mean that any potential buyer will be about 280 dollars poorer by the time they are in the U.S.

ShimaNo 600 rear mech, old style decorative, "Sh. 600" in black panel, short reach, very slight road rash plus some use, 10 Euros. Could not find a part #, but it says OK on cage, so I suppose it is.

Two pairs of bow-and-arrow style ShimaNo gear levers, one for braze-ons, one with clip. The one with clip has been sprayed metallic blue, but the paint will come off easily. Blue three Euros, shiny five.

Pair of ShimaNo 105 brakes, again bow-and-arrow logo, 43 to 57 mils, part # BR-Z57. Long bolts, quick release, 10 Euros.

Dura Ace front mech, some use, ugly scratch on front part of clip, front part of parallelogram gunmetal grey, part # FD-7400, 10 Euros.

Right, that´s it. Hope everything is within cut off time date limit.

Toni Theilmeier, Osnabrueck, Germany.