Re: [CR]Looking for a Randonneur handlebar

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From: "henox" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Looking for a Randonneur handlebar
Date: Tue, 18 Mar 2003 21:28:53 -0800

> >If anyone has a randonneur handlebar they are willing to part with please let
> >me know offlist. Send price. needs to be 26.0 and 42/44cm.

Re: above, Sheldon wrote:
> I very much doubt that such a thing ever existed. Randonneur bars
> were very much a French thing. Every randonneur bar I've ever seen
> was either standard ISO size (25.4 mm) or old French size (25 mm).
> We stock both of these. 26 mm is the old Italian size, and the
> Italians were never into randonneurs.

Actually, the Italian ITM make a nice randonneur bar which would match the stated requirements, though it may never have been exported to the U.S.

Hugh Enox
La Honda