Re: [CR]1960 Schwinn Varsity

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Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2003 21:43:12 -0500
From: HM & SS Sachs <>
Subject: Re: [CR]1960 Schwinn Varsity
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I've added a couple of notes marked by <=== harvey Sachs mcLean VA wrote:
> I bought the poor guy's Schwinn as well in ;61, the Varsity.
> $66.95
> Wanted the Continental with these upgrades:
> Tubular Forks
> Centerpull Brakes
> Alloy Randonneur Bars
> Gumwall Puff tires
> Quick Release Huns <===== From LarryFingers, Iinfer "hubs." Or,
> are you being politically incorrect this evening? :-)
> Maybe a better seat?
> It was about $14 more
> Then there was the Super Sport
> alloy rims
> CroMoly frame with 'full size' tubing not a 1" toptube <====I'm
> pretty sure this was a true chrome-moly fillet-brazed frame. Not your
> welded gaspipe. Heavy, but a fine bike. Still had Ashtabula cranks...
> Maybe upgraded derailleurs? <==== Nope. Relabelled Allvit, at
> least in the rear. Front gradually gave way to nicer Allvit, if you
> follow my drift.
> The Sports Tourer has the SuperSport frame with a real threaded BB,
> Nervar or TA crank, depending on year, super 30's to 104" gearing,
> Brooks saddle(the Brooks might have come on the SuperS[ort as well
> <===== I don't remember the "Sports Tractor" before the 1970s, but I'm
> sure someone has that catalogue or a better memory.

There was also what I remember as a "Sierra" which was a continental with a 3-ring Ashtabula crankset. Don't think it had much wider range, but more options.
> To the Cirque I'll be bringing my old dealer books and catalogs from
> the boom years
> A few years ago someone directed me to a classified ad for an 8-speed
> Vasrsity from the late 50's.
> The address was San Anselmo, Ca.
> The guy must have given up on these 'lightweights' and started playing
> with Schwinn 'Clunkers' a few years later and started a trend.
> Because of who he was/is, I decided to leave the Varsity the way he
> rode it and left it.Funny thing, it cost me about the same as my first
> one - $65.00.
> Larry Black
> Mt Airy, Md.