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I concur with Chuck on the specs he lists regarding the Mavic rims. I'll expand on it a bit as there was also the "Sport" model which was 21.5mm wide, did not have eyelets and required washers and weighed in at 390 grams. There was also the "Extra Legere" which weighed in at a mere 269 grams, was 20mm wide and had double eyelets. The Extra Legere also had a gold anodized finish whereas all the other were polished aluminum.

My experience differs from Chuck's recollection however as I've only ever seen a new or original PX-10E with Mavic rims. On the other hand though, PX-10LE's routinely (but not always) had Super Champion rims. I'm not saying Chuck is wrong mind you, just that my experience has been different.

Eric Elman
Somers, CT

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> Morning All,
> Most of the PX-10's I remember from the early 70's had Super Champions.
> The Monthlery Pros did indeed weigh the same as GP-4's (395gm) but were
> polished instead of anodised. The width (both models) is 20mm.
> Monthlerys were also available in Route and Legere models: Route(s) were
> 21.5mm in width and weighed approximately 420gm. The Legere modewl was 20mm
> wide and weighed 310mm. All Monthlerys were polished with double eylets.
> Cheers,
> Chuck Brooks
> Malta, NY
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> The Mavic Montherly came on the Peugeot PX-10. The section was the
> same as the later GP-4 black anodized rims which were very strong, weight was
> about 400 grams, I am not sure but the GP-4 were ferruled, and the Montherly
> may have had washers or single wall rivets, I am sure Eric Elman can confirm
> which. Brian Blum Raining in Oakland, CA
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> Hi All
> I have a question regarding Mavic Red Label rims.I
> came across one the
> other day that had the words Monthlery Pro on the
> label, alongside the
> Mavic diamond.How do these rims differ ,if at all,
> from rims that have the
> simple Mavic diamond.
> Geoff Duke in rainy Autumn Melbourne Australia