Re: [CR]turmoil

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Date: Thu, 20 Mar 2003 11:54:39 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]turmoil

Greetings to all, I have been on this list now for a few months. I have been a competitive cyclist and bike industry employee for a total of 50 years. In the last year I have met many of you and many of you have kindly emailed me to tell me that they remember my name from both my racing days and career days. I have been a passive collector over the years, but now I am getting very serious about this vintage thing. However, what bothers me is these backbiting incidences that have occurred recently (and probably have flared up in the past). There are not really that many of us out there, though more than I would have imagined. So ... try to get along and quit getting overly sensitive to others remarks.
Dave Staub
Orange, Ca