Re: [CR]lyotard platform pedals

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Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 07:34:47 -0800
From: Steve Maas <>
Subject: Re: [CR]lyotard platform pedals
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Could be. However, often pedals just fit tight in cranks, even though they are supposedly compatible.

This brings up another question: does anyone have a way to tell, for certain, if a crank or pedal thread is French or English? They are very close to the same pitch and diameter; even measuring with a micrometer doesn't seem to be conclusive.

In other news, weather in Long Beach: 58F & sunny at 7:30 AM. After breakfast, one of the Colnagos and I are outa here!

Steve Maas Long Beach, California wrote:
> Hey - I got a pair of Lyotard platform pedals for my '73 Px10 w/stronglight
> crank (93?). The pedals don't want to thread more than a couple twists, so I
> haven't forced it suspecting i got a mis-match thing going on. So what is
> it? Is my French crank vetoing my English thread pedals? Should I be
> looking for french thread Lyotard pedals - thanks
> george elanjian
> los angeles, ca