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Date: Sat, 22 Mar 2003 10:57:03 -0600

One annoying thing about tires is that they are almost never as wide as marked. I just bought some tires for a commuting bike. I bought a couple of Paselas 32 x 700C and a couple of Continental Sport 1000 28 x 700C. Fully inflated on the rim, the Paselas actually measure between 27 and 28 mm, while the Contis are between 24 and 25. The Japanese have mismarked tires in this manner for decades, but European tires used to be truer to size. The really annoying thing is the extent of exaggeration varies with manufacturer, model and nominal size, so there is almost no way to know what size you are actually buying.


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> A
> >I guess Continental Grand Prixs aren't very era. What is, that is
> >commercially available and looks right on a late 60s bike built up with
> >early 80s campy?
> >
> >Ann Phillips Atlanta GA
> >its too pretty to go back to work
> Rivendell/Panaracer Rolly Polys, black real rubber, tan sidewalls,
> small low key label, very generic looking. Only available in 27mm
> actual size. Panaracer Paselas, more sizes, available with wire bead.
> Avocets used to be good, now they have grey side walls, old ones
> at the LBS have tan sidewalls, range of sizes up to 32mm actual,
> wizard tire for cobblestones and bad roads.
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