Re: [CR]FYI - German bicycle manufacturer refuses to deal with Americans

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Date: Tue, 25 Mar 2003 16:28:41 -0500
From: Lawrence Kurtz <>
To: Dave Van Hook <>
Subject: Re: [CR]FYI - German bicycle manufacturer refuses to deal with Americans
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Perhaps all American automobile manufacturers should relatiate by cutting off business from Degussa, one of the largest suppliers of catalytic convertersin the world, for supplying the chemical weapons production facilities to Iraq in the 80's. That's right, chances are if you're driving an American car, you're propping up a company that helped make chemical weapons, but then........what do you expect from Germany.

Hey, here's a joke.........why are all the boulevards in Paris lined with the Nazis could march in the shade.

Sorry if off topic.....couldn't help myself.

Lawrence Kurtz Toronto,

Dave Van Hook wrote:
> I thought this might be of general interest to
> the group ...
> A German bicycle manufacturer, Riese und Mueller
> GmbH, canceled all business deals with its
> American suppliers.
> "Americans only pay attention when money is on
> the line," director Heiko Mueller told Reuters,
> whose firm buys $300,000 worth of supplies from
> half a dozen American firms each year.
> "We wanted to make a statement against this war
> and told our American partners that unless they
> renounce what their government is doing we won't
> do any business with them anymore."
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