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Except for the seatpost and pedals, Campy didn't offer any parts that I can think of that combined anodized and non-anodized parts, and the seatpost parts were originally steel. I suspect they didn't want the contrast of the anodized and non-anodized parts on the same component. The pedals, after all, had black anodized cages. I bet they didn't anodize the pedal bodies because they attached the cages after anodization, and the peened ends would lose their coating in the process. The problem with this theory is that the crankset looked like it used polished chainrings, and the contrast of smooth and dull is quite appealing.

Or maybe the contrast of chrome, shiny aluminum and dark aluminum when viewed across the entire group was exactly the aesthetic combination they were after.

Steve Barner, Bolton, VT

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> Sounds plausible Jim. However the arms of the front derailleur are not
> anodized either and are aluminum without steel additions...
> Chuck Schmidt
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