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Campy Rallys were released in 1975. At the time I worked full time at a Schwinn dealer--Ted's in Pacific Palisades. The few Paramounts we sold during my tenure were P-15's and were equipped with Cranes. It was the urban legend among Schwinn dealers and their employees at the time that Schwinn had such low regard for the GT derailleur that they'd warrantee them for the asking with the Crane long-cage as replacement. Is this true or not--and Dave Staub would definitely be the man to know!
David Feldman
Vancouver, WA

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> Mark,
> You are correct about the transition from Campy GT to Shimano Crane. At
> Schwinn we were constantly working with Campy to come out with an appropriate
> touring derailleur. The GT worked fine enough, but when Shimano introduced
> the Crane, we switched right away. I got rid of my GT and still have the
> Crane.
> I don't know when the Campy Rallye came out and I don't think Schwinn ever
> used it, except maybe on Paramount tandems later on.
> Dave Staub
> Orange, Ca