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Subject: [CR]TORRINGTON spokes plus some off topic personal stuff

Torrington spokes were made by the Torrington Co. in Torrington Connecticut. This area had Pope manufacturing and Columbia bikes among many others at the turn of the last century, it was a hotbed of manufacturing. The Torrington Co. was the main employer in Torrington which is about 30 miles west of Hartford (home of Pope). Torrington was bought up by Ingersol Rand in the late 70's or early 80's that is about the time they stopped manufacturing spokes. About 15 miles east of Torrington in Bristol Ct was New Departure. They Ball Bearings and also manufactured coaster brakes at least into the 50's or 60's, General Motors bought New Departure at some point. ND was the largest Employer in Bristol in the 1970's, their Bristol plant was the largest factory in floor area in New England. I worked there making Bearings the summers of 1978/79 and was laid off after 3 weeks when a railroad stike occurred, by 1982 most of the employees were layed off. The plant was completely closed by 1990, this is the way of the rust belt, labor was just too expensive. I made $8.25 off the street in 1979, it was UAW. Brian in Berkeley