[CR]Old, Non anodized Campy FDs vs Modern Anodized FDs

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Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2003 14:05:17 -0500
Subject: [CR]Old, Non anodized Campy FDs vs Modern Anodized FDs

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I've had NR and modern (1996) Record hubs anodized with the cups left in; the steel bearing surfaces are masked off with wax, and after the part has been anodized the wax is easily removed by dunking the hub in hot water.

Paint can also be used to mask off steel. This could be done on a NR front derailleur body, but the front clamp would have to be anodized separately, and be installed afterwards. The reason is that the steel hinge pin which secures the front clamp can't be masked off due to its location.

Collectively, the painting/masking operation of the NR front derailleur body is just fussy and probably not worth the time required for the results obtained. If the masking paint was bumped or scratched, the steel pin(s) could be ruined by the anodizing bath.

The lever arms for the NR cage could be anodized before assembly but again, it probably just not worth the overall $ and fuss.

However, the modern Campy derailleurs have fully anodized bodies and pivot arms, so obviously some improvement has been done in the design and/or assembly process. Because there is an allen keying on the back of the upper pivot pin for the Record derailleurs, it implies that the new front derailleurs have pins that screw in, while the old NR front derailleurs may have pins that were pressed in.

Does anybody know this for certain?

Andrew Gillis (cold, gray, damp and pending rain in Long Beach, CA)

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