RE: [CR]frame size (now sneakers)

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Date: Thu, 27 Mar 2003 14:10:07 -0800 (PST)
From: joe starck <>
Subject: RE: [CR]frame size (now sneakers)
To: Grant McLean <>
In-Reply-To: <A5E72E8AE73AD311954A009027887CFFC39411@SLSERVER>

Grant- The topic was foot size, not foot action, but of course "the team" agrees with your different thought experiment, unless we throw in different crank lengths... Joe Starck, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin Grant McLean <> wrote:Joe,

Oh, sorry, you wanted the serious answer!

Well, imagine the point at which the ankle lever pivots, and how moving this effects saddle height. Take a guy like Lance Armstrong, or Fausto Coppi who both ride in a serious "toes-down" pedaling action. I would imagine that they require a full inch extension over someone who pedals with more of a flat foot, or has smaller feet, given the same action.

Grant McLean Toronto, Ca

Joe wrote: Actully, my "foot thought experiment" was directed to Richard Rose as a credible response to his question about frame size. And as I responded to another CR member earlier, "Foot size is often a wash, I guess you could call it a dynamic consideration, because for the same reason the cycler changes hand positions on a ride, he often ankles differently, as in heels first up hills and such."

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