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Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 20:07:41 -0800 (PST)
From: Daniel Swords <>
Subject: Re: [CR]tubular clinchers
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Larry, Unfortunately I have not used the clincher tubulars, only the tubular tubulars so I can't help with the bead. But I can help with the sealant. It is non-pressurized, it comes in a clear plastic tube and it has the consistancy of watery laytex paint. It cleans up nicely with warm water if you spill some. To add the sealant you remove the valve from the valve stem. Tufo sells for ~ $1.00 a neat little plastic tool for removing the valve. The tool is plastic and screws onto the valve stem so it is always handy. The plastic tube that the sealant comes in screws onto the outside of the valve stem and you add the sealant by squeezing the tube. I use about 1/4 to 1/3 of the sealant per tire. I only add sealant with the valve stem at the 12:00 position otherwise when you remove the tube, sealant may come squriting back out. After adding the sealant you reinstall the valve, inflate the tire and rotate it to spread the sealant out inside the tire. Once sealant has been added I am always careful only to open the valve to add air with the valve stem at the 12:00 position because otherwise sealant will get into the valve and clog it up. If this does happen you can remove the valve and soak it in hot water to clear it out. The sealant flows and clots a lot like blood. If the "wound" is large you may have to apply pressure with your finger or by rotating the leak to the bottom of the tire so the liquid sealant inside the tire will cover the hole and the leak will seal against the road surface. Of course, riding the bike is the best way to seal the leak because each rotation of the tire seals and then opens and the reseals the leak in rapid sequence which seems to help the sealant work. I carry a tube of sealant under my seat with my spare tubular because after about 90 days here in the hot summer it dries up inside the tire and fresh sealant is needed, and with a large puncture you can loose some sealant before it seals - but I also ride 40 debris coverd miles each day. Before switching to Tufo I was averaging 2 to 3 flats per week, now I don't even think about flats. I do carry a spare because a sidewall slice doesn't always seal. Hope this helps. Daniel S. Swords New Orleans, LA wrote:Daniel Thjanks for the forward on the foil and coincidentally tonight we installed the tubulat clinchers 0on some new Shimano wheels for a customer Any tips? I can s t r e t c h it onthere with no problemo but inserting thgat bead took awhile

Does the sealant use a pressurized container?

or do you remove the valve , insert, inflate?

I have a tip from the use of sealants. If the stuff fails to seal the first time, cover the hole with a finger, rotate the holeto the bottom and let off the finger after pressuring. Larry Bl;ack Mt Airy, Md

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