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Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 23:46:34 -0800
From: "eric" <epzamora@earthlink.net>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
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Subject: [CR]Re: Info sought (zamora introduction)

Hello all,

allow me to introduce myself. eric zamora, 36 or 37 (i haven't done the math in awhile) from fresno, california. first post...

wow, those centurion photos sure brought back some memories. when i was in 9th grade, 1981, our class did a bike rally to raise money for the ashland oregon shakesperean festival and one of my classmates had a R-E-A-L expensive bike. it was my first exposure to more than the $100 department store bike flavors. my parents then bought me a centurion from a cousin who managed a local toy store. i remember saying i really would like the centurion on the racks, most expensive bike they had there. it was probably around $200-$250. it was dark blue with pale yellow striping. the pro tour striping is identical on the top tube near the head tube. my cousin had tried to steer me away, saying THAT bike was for RACERS! i had it for 1-2 years. it came with a brown saddle, brown cloth tape, and suntour components if i remember correctly. centerpull brakes too. i loved that bike. my buddy who lived two houses away bought an austro mainler and the two of use would put in 200-300 miles aweek during the school year. it was stolen at school in my senior year, only a cut cable left on the rack. how heartbroken i was. of course, my bike was noth anywhere near the level of these pro tours...

i worked that summer helping my father construct a pole building for a retired fire chief so he could store his collection of morgan race cars. with the money, i bought a celeste bianchi campione d'italia. it was a "budget racer" from that shop owner's description, the main pro shop in town. i bought it in 1984, and it was a 1983 model on clearance. super champion sewup rims, clement sewups, modolo speedy brakes, ofmega cranks, BB, hubs and pedals, PLUS, campagnolo gran sport headset and front der. (flat outer cage, no holes, higly polished), campy NR rear derailluer and fluted seat post, and i replaced the stem with a cinelli 1R 10mm plus criterium style bars (#65-40). i built a set of wired on wheels with campagnolo nuovo record 32 hole hubs and campy aero rims to swap out with my sewups. it was my new baby.

i stopped riding shortly after i moved to college (something about an immediate uphill mountain from the back door of my dorm and endless strong coastal headwinds at cal poly regardless of the direction i was heading). i'm sure the awakening of my eyes to women had some effect as well.

over the years since, i've hauled that thing everywhere with the plan to begin riding again. now, in 2003, i've decided to renew its condition. and hopefully lose some of the tonnage i've gained since those days of high school and club racing, 50 mile rides and shaved legs courtesy of the film breaking away. it's funny since one of my old racing partners, who went to high school with my dad and whose two sons raced with me, has been riding his bike to work everyday, since forever and now we share the same computer work station. i started searching the internet looking for vintage replacement/upgrade parts for my bianchi (ALWAYS wanted one of those modolo professional brakesets i saw in the back page ads) and talking it up with my coworkers, all newspaper photographers. three have been inclined to start riding too, including my immediate boss, all in the last month. it's the photo department racing team!!! our film developing room, which is unused in these days of digital, has become known as the bike department, a guerciotti with orange anodized galli components, vitus, and my bianchi the three most regularly seen bikes leaning against each other. now i have to find a bike trailer for my beautiful little three year old (is that yakima REALLY that expensive? sheeesh)

oops, looks like i've meandered a bit. sorry about that. (note to self: brevity, brevity... ;-). hello to all.

eric zamora fresno, ca.

> Date: Sat, 29 Mar 2003 09:04:24 -0800 (PST)
> From: Neill Currie <neill1234@yahoo.com>
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> Subject: [CR]Info sought
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> Hi all Seems well within the timeline, and is very
> lugged, chromed headlugs etc. Has anyone got a
> Centurion "Pro-Tour", or does anyone have an
> opinion about them?
> This one has brazed-on bosses for the centre-pull
> brakes. Looks to be Tange tubing?
> Thanks
> =====
> Neill Currie, Portland, Me 04102, USA.