RE: [CR]Any idea about this Brooks Saddle?

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Date: Sun, 30 Mar 2003 09:45:11 -0500
Subject: RE: [CR]Any idea about this Brooks Saddle?

I have one that I bought from listmember Tom Adams to use on my Jack Taylor tandem.  The textured top matches the B-73 on the stoker position perfectly.  I suspect that it is a cheaper model of the Pro as it has the same shape (narrower than th B-17 standard, wider than the B-17N) but perhaps lesser quality leather without the skiveyed edges.  I suspect A78 means it was made in August 1978.  Hilary Stone sells some from time to time.

Paul Raley Sleet today in Leonardtown MD wrote:
>Hello all
>Can anyone give me some info about this Brooks saddle I just picked up.   It
>is a very thick black leather with a textured top.   The leather is much
>thicker than my B17 Champions.   It is embossed Brooks Competition on the
>sides, no name badge in the rear, saddle loops, measures 270 by 152mm.
>It has chrome rails, and small copper rivets.   The adjuster in the nose (the
>part riveted to the saddle) is copper plated!   It has three holes down the
>middle, and on the frame in the back of the saddle it is stamped A78.
>thanks in advance
>Mark Rosenberg
>Carlsbad, CA