[CR]re: Masi track replica-not

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Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 12:48:37 -0500
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From: "Roy H. Drinkwater" <roydrink@ptd.net>
Subject: [CR]re: Masi track replica-not

Jay Van De Velde posted:
>Apparently Brian Baylis is not the only one who has built a Masi
>track replica. Check out the one Stefan has at

A Gran Criterium Track model? Isn't that a oxymoron? Something like 'jumbo shrimp'?

And a coaster brake?

This really isn't a 'replica', it's just someone's very nice fixed gear with decals stuck on. This is why it's hard to get decals for real restorations, it's usually someone just fooling around.

Roy "no decals are better than ersatz decals" Drinkwater Lititz, "I even spelled ersatz right!" PA