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Another connection. The original Masciaghi Coppi frames were all designed by Giovanni Pelizzoli, the maestro builder of Ciocc. Giovanni was also an apprentice of Ugo DeRosa prior to Ciocc. wrote:So, I ask a question and Steven rightfully answers my question with a quote from my OWN guide!! To give credit where credit is due, I gave Steven a copy of the guide last September when we got together in Princeton, NJ. He generously edited it for me, particularly the Italian framebuilders, and his update provided the answer that Fiorelli made the early Coppi frames and Masciaghi made them after 1994. I have now corrected the copy to provide the cross-reference to Fiorelli under Coppi rather than only having it listed under Fiorelli. Thanks Steven. Glad we didn't have a DS award this year.....Lou Deeter, Orlando FL

In a message dated 3/30/2003 6:33:44 PM Eastern Standard Time, writes:
> Lou asked:
> Does anyone know when the Coppi brand of frames started? Who made them?
> Quoting from a buying guide put out by a world famous CR list member, I
> believe we can all determine who produced the Coppi branded bikes:
> (information in Italian only) previously located in Novi Ligure (AL)
> Italy. 411 S. Main St., Mt. Airy NC 27030. Sponsored pro teams in the
> 50’s and 60’s which included Kubler. Koblet, Robic and Motta. Fausto
> Coppi branded bicycles were produced by Fiorelli during his last years
> as a pro as well as following the death of Coppi. In the 90’s, when the
> owners decided to retire, the rights to the Coppi name were transferred
> to the Masciaghi brothers. Factory was founded in 1932 in Novi Ligure
> in northern Italy.
> COPPI: Italy. Viale delle Industrie, 6/8 -
> 20060 Basiano -
> Italy. Tel: 011-39-02.950831. Named for Fausto Coppi.
> Produced by
> Masciaghi.
> Steven Maasland
> Moorestown, NJ _______________________________________________

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