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Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 10:48:34 -0500
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A fun idea. I am really looking forward to setting up a basement shop soon as we have just bought a house - right now we are in a two-bedroom, downtown, high-rise apartment. As you can imagine it is an interesting challenge - I have two bikes on the balcony (both MTBs), my Bob Jackson in the living room, my Raleigh in the hall-way, the PX10E in pieces in one corner of my home-office along with the Jack Taylor and Falcon frames and forks, spare wheel-sets, my work-stand, tool-box, parts boxes, tyres, trainer, etc. etc.

Paul Williams, Ottawa "where I can't believe it is now March - as winter doesn't appear to want to go" ON, Canada

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Subject: [CR]New Website for Basement Bikeshops

> Thanks for those of you who have sent me info about your collections that I
> can use to shield myself from the slings and arrows that my beloved is sure
> to let fly when my P13 arrives. Thankfully, Mark Agree sent me a photo of
> his shop, so I have some actual proof that there are people out there with
> larger collections than mine. You can do your part by snapping off a shot
> of your workshop/collection and emailing it to me. I'll add it to my new
> website for old bicycle mechanics at Click there now
> to see Mark's outstanding workshop.
> Your collection is welcome, even if you have two left thumbs and never touch
> a wrench. If your bikes have their own website, send me the link and I'll
> post it on the site.
> Steve Barner, whose bikes are scattered hither and yon around the farm here
> in Bolton, Vermont--I even have a few stashed in the outhouse!