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Date: Tue, 4 Mar 2003 09:51:46 -0600
Subject: [CR]Tasty old bike pics & Books Too

But Amazon UK has the Tony Hadland books ( Sturmey Archer , Moulton , etc. ) !!

And they sent them to the U.S.A. promptly and packed them well !!

: ^ )

I know , I know , I should have purchased them from cycling sources . There are other people who need my support much-much more than Amazon.com needs my support .

But , I didn't know about other sources at the time .

And YES I know how frustrating things can be sometimes , when dealing with a huge , face-less , corporation .

But I do like my copy of , The Sturmey Archer Story . . .

Raoul Delmare

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Subject: [CR]Tasty old bike pics

> Brett,
> Not so fast with the USA v Europe book price comparison! I did a check and
> found that while I could get this book from Amazon in the US for about £26
> including postage, the same book from Amazon in the UK would cost me £34
> including postage. The only difference is that it would take 11-18 days to get
> here from the US and 24 hours from Amazon.co.uk. Since I'm in no hurry, I've
> asked the latter why I should buy it from them and await an answer.
> Bruce, in another fit of pique
> in Dundee
> Scotland
> > From: Brett Horton <bhorton@brickerhaven.com>
> >
> > This portfolio is a perfect example of the pricing discrepancy I see time
> and again between identical cycling books purchased in the U.S. vs. in Europe.
> I purchased Olivier's portfolio at FNAC in Paris last year at the full retail
> price of 8.50euro, a far cry from the $35 at Amazon. It will be interesting to
> see what the 3 volume Tour de France 100th anniversary compilation recently
> released by Equipe sells for once it is translated. (I highly recommend the
> TdF set. It is an absolute knock-out!)
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> > Brett Horton
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> > San Francisco, CA