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Sounds perfect to me!

I am still an academic. Having switched careers from archaeology to geography I am just finishing my doctoral dissertation in the latter. Therefore, I should have noted that my home office is also packed to the rafters with books, papers, computer stuff, etc. Actually the book case in the office is also the place where I place my cleaned and polished parts prior to a build - on the fronts of shelves, in front of the books. On the shelves at the moment I have: a Mafac Racer brakeset, a Cinelli stem, a pair of first gen. LOOK pedals, a pair of cycling gloves, the head-badge from the Falcon, a tyre bag with spare tubular inside, my heart rate monitor, and a bottle of Testors paint and brush for doing touch-ups when I get bored with writing. On top of the shelf are my two helmets, in front of the shelf is an empty bike box, and on a coat-hanger in the closet I have six tyres nestled close to my jackets and ties (I also teach at the University level). Leaning against the filing cabinet is one wheel-set and a pair of rims. In front of the closet is my overflowing toolbox, a pile of rags, a can of varsol, various tubes of polish, a can of WD40, a bottle of Phil's Tenacious Oil - which i have had for about 10 years, an old baking powder container in which I am soaking some old nipples, a baggie in which I have two-wheels-worth of spokes, a cardboard box in which I have the parts for the PX10E .... etc., etc.

The fun goes on. And, of course, you know I am procrastinating big time right now ;^)



Paul Williams, Ottawa ("actually on my weekly teaching stint in Kingston at the moment") ON, Canada

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> "Paul Williams" wrote:
> A fun idea. I am really looking forward to setting up a basement shop soon
> as we have just bought a house - right now we are in a two-bedroom,
> downtown, high-rise apartment. As you can imagine it is an interesting
> challenge - I have two bikes on the balcony (both MTBs), my Bob Jackson in
> the living room, my Raleigh in the hall-way, the PX10E in pieces in one
> corner of my home-office along with the Jack Taylor and Falcon frames and
> forks, spare wheel-sets, my work-stand, tool-box, parts boxes, tyres,
> trainer, etc. etc.
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> Our oddest set-up, from about 1977 - 1979, helped me appreciate that I wasn't cut out to be an academic. We lived in faculty housing at an Ivy League U. 4 bedrooms. One for us, one for the baby, one spare, and the downstairs one fitted out with a hanging rack for the bikes... but, the piece de resistance was the partitioned living room. The sofa backed up on my 8' long work bench (which I still have), with a shop light hanging over it. The Var bike stand behind, with cabinets for parts. Clearly, I wasn't cut out to be an academic. Fortunately, I realized it in time to have savored its good points and learned other skills to grow with.
> Harvey "a long series of extinguished careers" sachs
> mcLean VA