[CR]Re: Steel, Failure, and Used Racing Bikes

Example: Racing:Beryl Burton

Ann is absolutely right, one of the risks of buying a used bicycle is that you really don't know what stress that the frame has seen. As Chuck Schmidt pointed out earlier, some "stage" bikes were made with a potential lifespan of one stage. If that "stage" bike wasn't wrecked, then it will might appear on ebay as "like new, ridden less than 200 miles". While you can generally determine low-medium-high usage in very general terms by examining the paint chips under the downtube and on the right chainstay, along with the wear of the parts, you can't really know whether a bike was stressed from racing, heavy rider climbing, or other damaging events without a detailed inspection and alignment check and even then, you may miss something. That is why when you are buying an expensive bike, that you should learn everything you can about inspecting a bike and if you don't know how to do it, to seek assistance from someone who does. I don't believe the ads for cars that say "owned by 80 year old grandmother" and I don't believe "never raced" for most bicycle purchases either. It is a risk. I suppose the framebuilders could say, "that is why you should buy new". I can't argue with that if you are super concerned. Lou Deeter, "I buy used", Orlando FL

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