[CR]1958 Cinelli Riviera and Silicon Valley Ride

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From: "Felix Chiu" <fcjchiu@attbi.com>
To: <classicrendezvous@bikelist.org>
Date: Wed, 5 Mar 2003 12:17:44 -0800
Subject: [CR]1958 Cinelli Riviera and Silicon Valley Ride

Dave, that was a wonderful looking bike! So unusual and original looking and that "suicide" front derailleur...... What a treat to be able to see it.

Dave Martinez brought the Cinelli Riviera to our latest Silicon Valley Ride last Sunday. The weather was beautiful, sunny and in the mid-sixties. The attendance was smaller then usual with a half dozen of the regular folks showing up. The ride was organized by Jim McCoin who rode his early seventies Masi GC. Brad Stockwell showed up also on a Masi GC that's freshly restored. I rode my Masi 3V, Olympic commemorative limited edition (119/200). John Wathins brought his beautiful two-tone blue Bob Jackson. Dave Martinez was on the above mentioned Cinelli Riviera and his charming wife, Linda rode a sixties Cinelli with a matching orange color to the Riviera.

The Silicon Valley Ride is an informal get together and ride in the spirit of (but not limited to) bikes appropriate to the CR ideal. It is usual on the last weekend of each month and exact time and place will be announced on the CR list. Some notable regulars include Jan and Peter Johnson who seem to have a bottomless pit of great bikes, Guy Apple who shows up with thirty-year-old "brand new" bikes all the time, Jim Narlesky who usually ride one of his many bikes that he has owned since new from the late sixties. And of course, the already mentioned group of Dave and Linda Martinez with their very rare and unusual collection of great bikes and tandems, Jim McCoin with his always beautifully prepared rides and Brad Stockwell with his collection of Zeus and other Italian bikes. From time to time we do get some other CR list notables such as Stevan Thomas, Giani Bongiorno, Terry Shaw as well as others.

So, Phil Brown, welcome to Northern California and we hope to see you on one of our future rides. That goes for everyone else around here as well as anyone visiting the Bay Area on those weekends.


Felix Chiu
Foster City, CA