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Date: Wed, 05 Mar 2003 23:41:38 +0000
Subject: Re: [CR]Fluted stays, ETCETERA
From: Bob Reid <>
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Grant said ;
> For someone to say that there is one blanket term to apply to
> all variations of "concave" seat stay terminations kind of
> misses the point of defining a personal, recognizable style.

and ;
> I certainly wouldn't mistake the flying scot for a masi,
> or vise versa.
> I'm happy with the term "masi style" to describe the stays
> like on the masi, but I wouldn't apply it to all concave
> stays.
> I'm missing the point here obviously. Wether Faliero cut his finer or at greater angle than others is neither up nor down. Just who outside the list, officiando's of the Masi marque, or the frame builders themselves would know what Masi style stays were ? Hardly a world-wide generic term...just the Masi take on a more common finish than Falerio would have had everyone believe in 1965. Call them what you like - funky widgets will do me as long as everyone knows what funky widgets look like.

Not every carbonated drink is the real thing but everyone knows (or at least think they know) what coke is...

Similarly a concave oval cap is just that concave and oval and a cap. Why create another secret society term only known by those such as those, guaranteed to alienate potential listmembers from joining in for fear of ridicule. viz ; "what you don't know what a Masi style stay is ?" The cycle trades already full of this BS invented by secret squirrels, and exponents of shimaNO hyperbole (that's 9-speed compatible with shift ramps).

Anyway, enough from me - what do I know ? :-)

Bob Reid
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