Re: [CR]Flash' New Hetchins History Part 1

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Thanks Lou, Ill pass that onto Flash. Indeed the Swallow, Keyhole, Italia and Spyder were actual models. Their lugs represent the kind of customization that many builders of lugged frames employ - specifically modification of "store bought" lugs to the degree those lugs enable it. Hetchins being larger and more of a brand standardized to a high degree the variations of lug customizing and called these by a model name. As Flash has said the "Latin Series" was and is something different.
Tom Rawson
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> Excellent discussion. I'll use some of it to capture the models for the
> Used Bike Buyers Guide if you don't mind. Were the Italias, Keyholes, and
> Swallow/Spyders actual frame models? Also, the picture in the link above is
> equipped with the Campagnolo ICS modifications. ICS was the Zurich based
> company that sold the kits or marketed them on the Magni frame. I have one
> such ICS equipped Magni. They apparently sold well in Europe but were
> considered too extravagant and expensive for the U.S. market. Lou