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The operations of this outfit was offered to us 2 years ago! They! He a drugest wanted us to take full control of his operations in a few months time! He was in a big time rush! One phone call and a few emails and they thought I was going to go for it! Man they were outright pushy! They did not want a visit from us at all! They insisted to visit us! Well this didn't make any sence?? In order for someone to concider a complete take over the buyer should have a chance to see what he or she would be getting themselves into....................But then again they wanted me to buy their current stock at the time @ the regular wholesale prices?? Hey this is not going to work, wholesale prices to someone who might be taking full control!.................Not a chance! At the time they were in the middle of adding another model to their line-up, it's the Bic jersey on the bottom.

Beware they are a 40/60 blend and the prices are somewhat high! From what I recall they are produced in Belgium and the chain stitching is done in Germany. A good 250 mile trip for these jerseys to go from one production site to another in order to put out a finished product...................So to say this cost is within the price of the finished product.

They are very picky in trying to get their material correct! They sent a folder and inch thick showing us how much time they put into putting out one style.

Anyway, if anybody is interested I can take a look for you...................But then again since I tried in the past to make contact and no responce...............We also had a friend try to contact them for a buy and no responce there as well!

On another note: There is a fairly large stock pile of old blank team jerseys waiting for their day! ''THE CLOWN!'' Willie Debosscher! An old 6 day rider has told me about these jerseys! Next step bringing them to market. Willie was known for having fun on and off the track! One of his trade marks! Trowing the red card at unlucky riders as like in soccor.

BC Baron C...................And the gang!! Renaissance cycles, Eindhoven Holland.

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> Following a link from that site's guest book I found:
> Very cool old jerseys!! I especially love this one:
> Has anyone tried any of these? Or dealt with this company?
> David Bilenkey
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> > and came across an interesting site:
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