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Wayne Davidson wrote:
> Hi all, I have looked thru the archives so please don't tell me to go
> there, does anyone have a list on what the frame model and size are , and
> also a componet list?.......regards wayne davidson Invercargill NZ

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> I received the following response from Tom Schwoegler, who was the tech
> adviser on the movie "Breaking Away." Thought the group might be interested:
> "We purchased 2 Masi's from Faliero (or was it Alberto... the one who was
> building in California at the time). We also had 2 extra forks. One fork
> was bent to simulate the wreck when the pump is put in the front wheel.
> I bent the fork and it was not easy. We also had a Sears Free Spirit
> painted and hand decaled to look like a Masi. We had to hand-paint the
> decals because Masi would not give us an extra set. The Sears bike was
> mounted on a special platform for the close shots of Dennis Christopher.
> You can tell if he is on the Sear bike because it had Weinmann brakes
> and the brake cable came down on the opposite side when compared to the
> Campy brakes.
> Both Masi's returned to California after the film was shot. Steve Tesich
> ended up with one of them (he was the one who insisted on getting Masi's
> for Dave and Colnago's for the Italian Team. We only had to buy 2
> Colanago's as two of the guys who played those riders already had
> Colnago's (one of the guys was Christian VanDeVelde's dad, John). I
> still have one of those bikes, a gift from Director Peter Yates and the
> other was sold to a friend of mine in Indianapolis who later sold it. I
> also ended up with the bent fork from the "wrecked" Masi. --Tom Schwoegler"
> Chuck Schmidt
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