Re: [CR]Mt. Baldy Brevet on Suntour..and a few comments

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Subject: Re: [CR]Mt. Baldy Brevet on Suntour..and a few comments
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 10:46:35 -0800

Yes, Charles was closest to a retro-Randonneur setup *but* the organizer who led the ride was on a Bridgestone RB-1 with Suntour Superbe Pro and Simplex downtube shifters.

Mea Culpa on the modern C-40 but the Gilles Berthoud rig isn't quite finished. I did manage to wear a wool jersey not that that fooled anyone. I had/have a particularly bad case of bronchitis so the first 20-30 miles I sounded like a lifetime Marlboro smoker in the death throes of emphysema !!! I'm surprised I made it up gasping for oxygen in a 39 X 24 ....

So who is up for a 'vintage ride' up Mt. Baldy? I'll have to set up my Teledyne Titan with a Campy (NR) Triple....

Matt Gorski Belmont Shore, CA

> Classic content: as far as I could tell, I was the only
> person out of the 40 or so who did the ride with completely
> vintage equipment: 1978 Bill Davidson touring frame, with
> Sugino mighty triple, suntour pedals, 27" wheels with
> Campagnolo record hf/4cross; Weinmann concaves. Brooks
> B-17. Nitto 42cm Dream bar and Nitto stem. And Suntour
> bar-cons with 1st gen Suntour Cyclone wide-ratio rear, and
> normal front, derailleurs. Oh, and my trusty 25-year-old
> Atom freewheel 14-28, which *still* works fine, with no
> slipping, and it has a LOT of miles on it. Two oversized
> water bottles (still not enough), and a big Jandd rear bag.
> Wool jerseys. All three of them (hey, it was COLD in the
> morning). And the layers were very welcome on the long,
> fast descent from Baldy Village.
> Matt Gorski did this ride too...on his C-40 (jeez, Matt...)
> and he was in one of the lead groups. I never saw him again
> after the start. He's in some serious training. Matt
> doesn't just have some nice bikes..he can *ride!* He must
> have finished at least an hour before I did, probably more.