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Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 11:26:45 -0800 (PST)
From: "joe starck" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]chuck's mojo
To: Grant McLean <>
In-Reply-To: <A5E72E8AE73AD311954A009027887CFFC392C5@SLSERVER>

Dear Chuck and Grant- I'm gleaning this list for inspiration to re-esstablish myself as a framebuilder in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, birthplace of Georgia O'Keefe and The Groundhog Capital of the World. I think I'll make the phrase "a new mo'jo'" my calling card. I just have to decide what a new, more-joe frame would be. Any suggestions? Joe Starck, Sun Prairie, Wisconsin Grant McLean <> wrote: Chuck,

I asked what made "mojo" for you, and suggested what I thought mojo was for me, interested in what you thought. Instead, you replied:

Ahhhhh Grant, you seem to be making a lot of assumptions about me, and you're speaking from ignorance as they say...

I also asked a qestion: So, if logic follows, why wouldn't you take them off now, and put on dura
> ace sti?" (ie, does sti represent the same improvement as cyclone did in the 70's)

You Replied:(didn't answer this qestion either) Grant, I changed the derailleur in 1976 because the Jubilee didn't shift any good. The Cyclone shifted great! What is your point????????????????????

I wasn't baiting you, Chuck, just asking to 'splain your position...It just sounded to me like you gave an answer to Richies offer for a "new mojo" frame that dismissed newer stuff, and was wondering way. I don't think calling me "ignorant" becomes you.

Grant McLean toronto.Ca


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