Re: [CR]12-spline on ASC fixed gear hubs.

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Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 13:26:45 -0800
From: "joel metz, ifbma/sfbma" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]12-spline on ASC fixed gear hubs.

hey, it got me too - senior moment before its time or something :)

either way, the switch to the 3-spline driver just doesnt seem like a wise move for a fixed hub given the ease with which those cogs can be spun...

>My apology to the list and thanks to Pete Paine, who wrote:
>"The 12 spline cogs were first introduced in the very early =
>1930s for the TF two speed fixed and disappeared in the early 1950s. A =
>threaded driver seems an odd thing to find on an
>ASC for obvious reasons"
>I just checked my box of Sturmey parts, and pulled the lock ring
>from my old ASC driver. As Mr. Paine suggests, it is the old
>12-splined driver, not a threaded one. Please excuse my "senior
>harvey "ready, shoot, aim" sachs
>mcLean va