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Date: Sun, 09 Mar 2003 20:04:01 -0700
From: Chuck Schmidt <>
To: "Classic Rendezvous Mail List (E-mail)" <>
Subject: Re: [CR]chuck's mojo
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Sorry you took offense Grant.

Maybe you thought you asked me about why I liked old bikes (mojo), but what you wrote was: "I don't get why you're stuck in the past. A 2003 Nagasawa, Sachs, or a the frickin C40 for that matter, has max mojo because it is all these things, and not trying to be something else.(cut) Why does it have to be old? Everything will be old eventually."

Sounds a little nasty when you reread it, doesn't it Grant? You don't know me, yet you assume that I have never bought any current bikes. As you put it, "I don't get why you're stuck in the past." My last two new bikes? A 17 pound Trek with Campagnolo Ergo and a 17 pound Waterford with Campagnolo Record Track. Of course all this is actually off topic for this list, right Grant? This list is after all about old light weight bikes.

Next, the Huret Jubilee that I changed to a SunTour Cyclone on a 1975 Raleigh Competition when the bike was new? And you offered, "if logic follows, why wouldn't you take them off now, and put on a DuraAce STI?" I see no logic here Grant. I changed the derailleur when the bike was new. There was no DuraAce STI then. I see no point in using modern parts on a vintage bike. Why even bother. Put an airbag in a Model T? Modern parts on a modern bike... vintage parts on a vintage bike.

You say you are interested in finding out what I think? Play nice...

Chuck Schmidt L.A.

Grant McLean wrote:
> Chuck,
> I asked what made "mojo" for you, and suggested what I thought
> mojo was for me, interested in what you thought. Instead, you replied:
> Ahhhhh Grant, you seem to be making a lot of assumptions about me, and
> you're speaking from ignorance as they say...
> I also asked a qestion: So, if logic follows, why wouldn't you take them off
> now, and put on dura
> > ace sti?" (ie, does sti represent the same improvement as cyclone did in
> the 70's)
> You Replied:(didn't answer this qestion either)
> Grant, I changed the derailleur in 1976 because the Jubilee didn't shift
> any good. The Cyclone shifted great! What is your point????????????????????
> I wasn't baiting you, Chuck, just asking to 'splain your position...It just
> sounded
> to me like you gave an answer to Richies offer for a "new mojo" frame that
> dismissed
> newer stuff, and was wondering way. I don't think calling me "ignorant"
> becomes you.
> Grant McLean
> toronto.Ca