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Subject: Re: [CR]Query about Maillard hubs
Date: Sun, 9 Mar 2003 22:23:57 -0600

Actually, I like the Helicomatic. It was an ingenious first attempt at what would later become the cassette freewheel. Only problem is that they did it in a way that didn't become the standard, so parts are hard to find. I've ridden Helicomatics with no problems, though I admit I don't have thousands of miles on any one Helicomatic hub. The front hubs paired with Helicomatic rears were retty conventional, and Maillard front hubs work just fine.


Jerry Moos
Houston, TX

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Subject: [CR]Query about Maillard hubs

Hi folks,

I have just picked up a Maillard and Mavic 36h wheelset (cheaply off E-Bay). I needed another clincher wheelset and this seemed like a good deal - even if for just the rims alone. The rear has the infamous helicomatic hub and freewheel combo. OK I know that the discussion about Maillard Helicomatic rear hubs and freewheels has come up before. I also know what Sheldon's views are on these hubs. But, I need advice please

1) do I use as is, dependant upon the condition of the wheels? 2) can I use the front-wheel as is, are Maillard hubs OK for frontwheel construction? 3) do I replace the rear helicomatic hub with something else?

Thanks in advance,

Paul Williams, Ottawa "where I am thoroughly sick of this #$&*%$ winter" ON Canada