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Subject: Re: [CR]Query about Maillard hubs-different experience
Date: Mon, 10 Mar 2003 16:57:44 -0600

Check Trek dealers of long tenure if you need Helicomatic spares; they were Trek OEM in the early 1980's and there are probably axles and cones serving as cobweb farms in parts drawers somewhere. Also, flat-flanged hubs like Maillard probably will eat spokes less if they're relaced with the little brass washers under the spoke heads. Anecdote: I built a beater rear wheel with a cheap model Helicomatic hub when they first came on the scene. During the first winter after the Mt. St. Helens eruption I did a week-long tour from Portland to Seattle and back by an indirect route--ruined the sucker in under 400 miles! Kicked it's ash, you might say.
DAvid Feldman
Vancouver, WA

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> *Due to clearance issues, they weren't able to put a standard size
> bearing with 1/4" balls on the right side. They got around this by
> using 5/32 balls and a smaller cone. These undersized cones wore
> rapidly, and replacements are nonexistent.
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> The Maillard 700/team issue rear hub used 3/16" balls...perhaps an attempt at
> an improvement over the 5/32" balls in the lesser model? After the demise of
> Peugeot USA, Sheldon's point about the scarcity of replacement parts is well
> taken. I've bought a few of the cassettes on eBay and I'd guess the lockring
> tool is available at some former 1980s Peugeot or Trek dealers. A few of
> tools were usually saved because they had a bottle opener integrated in them.
> Personally, I have owned 3 sets of these hubs and have nothing but praise for
> them. I bought a couple of spare axle/cone sets back in the 1980s and have
> since misplaced them. Good thing the cones are still good. One set has over
> 10k miles. Another set has less, but very hard service (winter commuting).
> I've never had the spoke problem Sheldon referred to and I never realized a 1
> mm offset in shell spacing would have been so detrimental to wheel
> strength...but I don't have as much experience with helicomatic hubs as he
> does.
> Ed Kasper
> Detroit MI
> IIRC, it is possible to flip the inner cogs on the body if they get
> worn...they weren't uni-directional. Maybe this will help you get more life
> out of your wheels??