Re: [CR]Re: Benotto tape wrapping advice sought

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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 13:59:59 EST
Subject: Re: [CR]Re: Benotto tape wrapping advice sought

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> Subj: [CR]Re: Benotto tape wrapping advice sought
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> >I haven't wrapped a set of bars with Benotto tape since around 1976 or =
> >so. I still remember that it was a moderately painful experience. I =
> >would appreciate any tips and tricks on how to minimize the suffering =
> >and end up in a neat job. While I wrap from bar ends to center with =
> >cloth tape and usually finish with a small amount of glue at the =
> >termination of the wrap under the bars, I think that I'd like to wrap =
> >from the center out with the Benotto tape and tuck it into the bar ends =
> >unless there is a clean way to terminate the wrap without resorting to =
> >electrical tape.
> Last time I wrapped Benotto tape on the handlebars (of my Benotto), I
> started at the end plugs (using Cinelli end plugs rather than the crappy
> Benotto plugs) and ended at the milled section at the center of my Cinelli
> bars.
> But here's what you should do: When you have the last inch or so ready to
> lay down, put a tiny bit of Super Glue on the end of a Q-Tip and swab the
> underside of the tape on the end, then carefully tighten the tape and lay
> it down so that glue does not bleed out from the edge.
> I also add a complimentary strip of Benotto tape at the end- about 2.5"
> will do, also using Super Glue to hold it. So I have dark blue tape with a
> medium blue band at the centers. Looks real nice.
> Herb Langston

We used a flame as per instructions from somewhere and a well seasoned and educated thumb to swedge the melted plastics together

Larry black
Mt airy, Md