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Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 14:26:46 -0800 (Pacific Standard Time)
From: "Marc Boral" <>
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Subject: Re: [CR]Pogliaghi on eBay

I wonder if that frame is the year the seller claims? The main thing that jumped out at me was the fact that the rear dropouts are the tapped style for the chainhanger, which first appeared at the late '77 trade show. Did Campy make available those dropouts 2 years before the chainhanger was even available???? Secondly, the lugwork/crown looks like late '70s to me. However, I haven't seen examples of actual '75 Pogliaghis, only early '70s and late '70s, and on. I can't help but wonder if a slightly later frame was built up with earlier components. Can anybody add their observations?

Marc Boral Long Beach, CA

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Because of the acrimony the seller inspired on the list some may balk at seeing this bike outed, but it's such a nice Pogliaghi it deserves to be seen.'16830372&category)04

if that link doesn't work,paste this: 2716830372

Jay Van De Velde
Seal Beach, CA